Advanced concepts and process schemes for CO2 free fluidised and entrained bed co-gasification of coals

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FECUNDUS has been a research project funded by the European Commmission - Research Fund for Coal and Steel (grant agreement No. RFCR-CT-2010-00009 2010-2013).
The consortium was formed by eight public and private entities from EU: CNR (IT), LNEG (PT), CIEMAT (ES), TUV (AT), ICPF (CZ), ICL (UK), ELCOGAS (ES), UNISA (IT).
The project aimed at integrating gasification schemes for the co-gasification of coal, biomass and wastes with processes for CO2 separation and capture. Fluidised bed and entrained flow gasification processes were adopted and studied, thanks to their flexibility and effectiveness for carrying out thermal conversion of different feedstock.
Seven work-packages were carried out dealing with management, outcomes dissemination, tailoring gasification schemes for integration with CO2 separation, development of materials for gas cleaning, char upgrading, and CO2 separation.
Dissemination actions of the project outcomes were also taken for enabling the investigated technology to be moved back onto the route to commercialisation. 
A workshop dedicated to themes of the project was held in Prague (CZ) on 12-14 June, 2013 with the attendance of several scientists from Europe.

The final report of FECUNDUS is now available here.